About Us

About Us

Canterbury Tipis was born out of pure interest and appreciation for the Indian Tipi. At the age of 19 I bought my first Tipi and pitched it in my front garden. From then onwards it took a permanent residence for many summers and was used for birthday parties, BBQs, camping and a relaxing retreat for my cats! There is something uniquely fascinating about Tipis; they have a magnetic quality about them which attracts people all ages. They are a graceful, dignified and enchanting space unlike any other.

Canterbury Tipis offers the hire of traditional Native American Tipis. They can be used for a variety of outdoor events; both domestic and corporate. We hope that when you hire one of our Tipis you will be able to experience the fun, fascination and magic our first Tipi brought to us.

Mission Statement

Our staff at Canterbury Tipis are here to help. We provide a professional, reliable quality hire service aiming to maintain your needs when hiring a tipi. We believe that your event, however small, is valuable and as an innovative business we want to ensure your tipi hiring experience suits your needs.  We wish to operate as a socially responsible business. This extends from our commitment to local employment and economic growth to a global loyalty to using ethically sourced business t shirts.

Tipis, Tepees, Teepees

The word ‘Tipi’, sometimes spelt ‘Tepee’, or ‘Teepee’, comes from the Lakota language meaning dwelling place. Sometimes confused with the Wigwam, Tipis were traditionally made of animal skins covering long wooden poles which were formed into a tilted conical shape with a fire sitting in the middle. They have been used as an outside living space for centuries primarily by the people of the great plains of America.

No Dwelling in all the world stirs the imagination like the Tipi of the Plains Indian.
Reginald Laubin

To one familiar with the charm of a true Native American Tipi, it is a magical experience to lie down in a tipi gazing up at the stars.
It is hard to improve on a structure that been used for centuries, hence our Tipis are made in the traditional Sioux style but use a modern high-quality cotton canvas with a waterproof finish. The wooden poles which form the structure of the Tipi are cut and hand prepared from locally-sourced trees. Compared to an ordinary tent or conventional marquee, Tipis provide a substantial amount of light and space. They combine the perfect mix of beauty and practicality for any outside event.